Hotel Veduta, Cinuos-chel

Hikes around the hotel

The hikes all start and end at the Hotel Restorant Veduta. The times are given for the circular route.

For wildlife observation we recommend you to take binoculars with you. You can rent binoculars at the reception.

Upon request, we will be happy to prepare a packed lunch for you.

Hike near the nationalpark on the panoramic route below Piz Murtiröl

Length: 23 km

Altitude difference: ↑↓ 970 hm

Duration: ca. 6 h 20 min

Highlights: Panorama and wildlife observation

Variation: By car to the parking lot Varusch (saves around 12 km and 2 h).


Link to the route on Swiss Map

Biken und Wander in S-chanf und Zuoz

Hike Alp Griatschouls, S-chanf and back

Length: 15.9 km

Altitude difference: ↑↓ 680 hm

Duration: ca. 4 h 40 min

Variation: Walk to Zuoz and take the train back to the hotel

Link to the route on Swiss Map

Wanderung oder Bike-Tour Alp Brail oberhalb Brail

Hike Alp Brail

Length: 9.1 km

Altitude difference: ↑↓ 440 hm

Duration: 2 h 50 min

Important: The alps are not catered. Bring a packed lunch.

Variation: Extend tour to Alp Barlas-ch and Alp Pülschezza ( + 2 h 45 min)


Link to the route on Swiss Map

Spektiv für Wildtierbeobachtung im Val Trupchun

Hike Val Trupchun (National Park)

Length: 21 km

Altitude difference: ↑↓ 820 hm

Duration: 6 h 15 min

Highlights: National Park, wildlife observation

Variation: By car, train or bus to the parking slot Varusch (safes 12 km, 2h 15min)


Link to the route on Swiss Map


God Val Punt Ota

Length: 7.8 km

Altitude difference: ↑↓ 520 hm

Duration: 2 h 50 min

Highlights: romantic Val Punt Ota


Link to the route on Swiss Map

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